notMetaphor Poetry electric dream

electric dream

You got to wonder if God ever got carpel tunnel by the fifth day

'cause my wrists are killing me.


Here with my electric dream

trip reality

of a Frankenstein machine


this is our creation

our Adam our Eve

the blood of the Father

turned electricity


but where is the Garden?


these children of man


as soulless as angels

enslave us as devils

we are theirs in the

construct of a

perfect Eden


this technological tree

blossoms in binary ecstasy

grows with silicon rings

uproots my soil



I am to be better of it

we be united from it

one step closer to ascension

particle acceleration over the chasm of Purgatory


just a hop, skip, a jump

to perfection

the pace to the gates

exponentially incremented every two years under Moore


my faith, a platform of choice,

offers 128-bit GUI wings

to cast holy wars

against all who oppose its doctrine

as hell is for the 8-bit infidel

the command line kings

that offer nothing to this vision

this image

this electric dream

this reality of machine

our Adam, our Eve

our blood turned electricity.